SOTB basic info

On any given day during your school you can expect:

intense teaching designed to show God’s character and desires. Teachings include:

  • Seeing how the Old Testament and New Testament fit together harmoniously
  • Studying the Bible from cover to cover to learn
    • God’s heart
    • God’s character
    • Practical truth to change your life
    • God’s ways of dealing with mankind
    • God’s ways of producing the kingdom of God
    • To put scripture together so that it becomes a burning reality in your life

small groups meet once a week for discussion of class material and prayer.

intercession groups focus on hearing God’s heart for the nations.

daily quiet times to pursue your personal relationship with God and to learn how to hear His voice.

work duties are daily two-hour shifts that teach the practical side of missions, serving one another, the value of teamwork and responsibility (e.g. meal prep, cleaning, and office work).

An average day during the lecture phase

7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Intercession/Small Groups/Worship/Greek
9:00am Teaching
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Work Duty
5:00pm Dinner

Independent study is daily individual reading and assignments that expound on the current class topics. Students should expect to have at least three hours of Independent Study an evening.

Your school may vary slightly. Evenings are to study and relax, but there will be some school meetings after dinner and on weekends.

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