Winkie Says (Full Quote)

Winkie says,
“The School of the Bible is positioned uniquely to meet such a need; it upholds in a powerful and practical way the great revival truths about God, man, and salvation that are the critical core of the Word that can change the world. Someone asked me if I had a word for the past decade, and I said “Yes — trust God or die.” Someone else recently asked if there was another word for this new century. I said “Yes. Perhaps it will be — trust God and die.”

God’s call at the edge of another decade, century, and Millennium is what it has always been since the birth of the missionary Church — “to win for the Lamb that was slain the reward of His suffering.” Of such greatness are the saints, the missionaries, and the martyrs — those who “overcome through the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and who did not love their lives to the death.”

If you want something to say that will give you a word to change the world, this is the place you can come to hear what is close to God’s own heart.”

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